How to Remove Stains From Rugs


red wine stain


Its inevitable that at some point or another, something is going to get spilled on your rug. Whether it be messy kids or a glass of red wine, its important to know the best ways of dealing with the situation so not to cause permeant staining. Luckily, the steps to take are simple follow and will save you the panic of every rug owners worst nightmare.

Act Fast 

It’s important to attend to the spill or stain as soon as it happens. The quicker you act, the less time the stain has to sink in to the fibres of your rug. If you have carpet or hardwood underneath, always remember to check the underside of your rug to see if any of the spill has seeped through. Theres nothing worse than staining your rug and the floor underneath too.

Don’t Scrub 

It’s tempting to just jump straight in with a cloth or sponge and start scrubbing the stain away. In reality, this is detrimental to the stain as it will actually further push those pigments further in to the fibres. Instead, blot the area to absorb most of the spill. We will talk about the remaining residue later.

Avoid Warm water 

With most cleaning, you’ll be used to using warm or hot water. This is strongly ill-advised when dealing with a rug stain. The warmth actually intensifies those pigments we’ve mentioned previously and can therefore actually deepen the stain. Instead, use room temperature or cool water on a damp cloth to pick up any residue.

Test Patch 

Once the stain is partially gone, it is down to cleaning products to lift the stain further. This can be quite tricky, as you can never be too careful when using chemicals. Some may cause a reaction to the rug and either bleach or damage the texture. Before using any products, make sure you test the product on a patch on the underside of the rug. This way, if the product does damage the rug, it will be on the underneath and out of view. If there is no reaction, it is safe to assume it is alright to use on the stain. Never use bleach. This will draw out the color of the rug and cause irreversible damage.

Things to Avoid

As we just discussed, bleach is to be avoided at all costs. As well as bleach, never use laundry or dishwasher detergent. Often when a spill happens we panic and will resort to any cleaning method to attempt to solve the problem. But using detergents will simply cause a tacky build up within the fibres of your rug which will most definitely not help the situation.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you to avoid causing any long-term damage to your rug. Its important to always read the manufacturers guide to the rug, as this will often contain information regarding products that are safe for use with that specific rug. However, the above methods will help to stop the stain from immediately sticking and will keep your rug looking and feeling brand new.