Make Sure the Savings are Securely in the Bag!


We were so excited when a financial windfall gave us the resources we needed to add a dedicated business office to our home.  My parents are aging, and putting them in a home for the elderly is not an option.  At the same time we decided to move them in, we discovered out business was awarded a small contract to provide meals to a large private middle school.  They say going to your local chamber of commerce meetings can result in lucrative relationships, and we have found this to be true.  It was at one of the monthly meetings that we met the director of the school who gave us the contract after inviting our bid.  We now provide thousands of bagged meals a month and have increased our bottom line substantially.

Setting up the office has been quite the journey.  First we had to deal with contractors, designers, as well as vendors and suppliers.  The growth spurt nearly killed us, but in the end, we are grateful for the expansion.  One thing has proved to be a great investment, and that’s the software we use to keep our books.  We learned about Deluxe for Business from another business owner who’s a chamber member.  Prior to learning to use the software, he had a horrible experience with a freelance bookkeeper who was cooking his books to make a little bread on the side.  She had embezzled thousands of dollars before her deception was caught.  When we researched the company, we really liked what we found and signed up for their services using a simple Groupon coupon we found online.

Now, we have a seamless operation where our check writing and invoicing is concerned.  We can safely transmit payments to our network of vendors and suppliers through their innovative echeck system which saves us time, money and frayed nerves.  We love telling other chamber members about the merits of using Groupons to purchase services and supplies from Deluxe for Business.  You can apply a code and get 40% off your first order of business checks and envelopes, and find codes that will unlock saving on a variety of their superb products.  It’s good to have the safe, secure services of Deluxe for Business in our corner.  With Groupon and Deluxe, the savings are in the bag.